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Project 4 & 5: Baby pants and a woolen dress for my baby girl

Here is post showcasing two of my latest projects, I have made a wool dress for my baby girl(she is 7 months and using size 74). And also a snekkerbukse or purple dungarees I believe it is in english. Lately I have been using a lot of time to improve my sewing, and testing out new techniques. I have ordered some books to help me get inspiration and provide me with the recipes I need to create.

The dungarees my daughter will need to grow into, she can wear it but it was rather loose on her. The dress fit like a charm and we tested it out in yesterdays birthday party. The brother in law of my husband turned 40 years old, so we gathered for some barbeque(had a great time).

If you want some information about these creations donΒ΄t be scared to use the comment field. Hope the rest of your weekend turns out great :-). Have a great day.

Project Beanie

I was heading over to a friend for a dinner party yesterday evening, and instead of bringing a flask of wine, I decided to rush a project. What better gift is there than bringing something you have crafted with your own hands? It took about 2 hours to make this beanie of effective working time. This is a great idea for a gift for christmas or birthdays, in addition to what ever else you might want to get. Hope you like it, and just ask me for recipe if you want to, I followed another blogs recipe for this, so I can post the link if you want it.

Project 3: Baby Body

For this body I also used a pattern and recipe from Stoff og Stil (size 74). I mostly used the overlock machine, except for the edge stitching where I used the Sapphire machine. I think it looked very nice with double edge stitching around the wrist. I was not pleased with all the overlock stitching. I guess I need to work more with the settings. Well, overall it turned out ok and hopefully me daughter will be happy πŸ™‚

Project 2: Baby girl dress with pink pants

To get started and to be able to make something wearable to my daughter I bought a pattern with recipe from a store called Stoff og Stil. The dress did not turn out perfect but ok enough I think (according to my mother I have very high demands πŸ˜‰ ). I bought the pattern in size 74, as this is the size my daughter is using now, but sadly it is to big. Hopefully it will fit before christmas πŸ˜›

Project 1: Baby Pants Grey

As one of my early projects I made a simple garment for babies, the project is pants for my baby daughter. I chose grey because I wanted a neutral color that she could wear everyday. Also this was for practice because I wanted to get to know my machines, I especially liked how the overlock machine made the long sides easy to sew together. I hope that you liked my project, I am quite satisfied myself that I am getting started. πŸ˜€

My equipment

My husband recently bought me a new sewing machine, machines I should actually say, because when buying the Sapphire 960Q we also got a Huskylock s15 overlock machine πŸ˜ƒ Both of them are Husqvarna machines. I have never used such advanced machines before, so first I had to use some time with the manual and some test fabric. I loved them from the beginning! And I know that these machines will cover all my needs as I advance my sewing.

Launch of new blog

In a recent attempt to become a better sewer, I have set myself a goal to start blogging. In this blog I will feature my sewing projects and creations. I will mainly focus on children clothing to begin with and maybe I will throw in a few projects for myself as well. My daughter recently turned 6 months, so she will be receiving the clothes I make, and she has to wear them, because she has no choice in the matter :-). Later this will Β of course change, and she will probably refuse to wear anything but a disney princess dress, but that is for battles to come. Hopefully I can showcase some of my projects tonight, so stay tuned, and I appreciate any follows :-D. In the meantime happy sewing!


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